State Connector

The State Connector is able to come to consensus on information from external blockchains and the internet, so that it can be used securely and trustlessly by smart contracts on Flare.



The State Connector allows applications to be built on Flare that can use data from external blockchains securely. It can power a wide range of interoperability solutions which in turn will enable developers to build applications that are automatically multi-chain or cross-chain. Developers will be able to access the value, liquidity and information of multiple ecosystems through a single deployment on Flare.


The State Connector uses a set of independent attestation providers which fetch the required information from other blockchains and deliver it to the Flare network. The State Connector smart contract then checks if there is consensus among the received answers, making the results available to the network if so.

The State Connector can, for instance, check whether a deposit has been made on another blockchain, opening the door to more advanced mechanisms like the FAsset or the Layer Cake bridges.

The State Connector allows information

from other chains to be securely and

trustlessly used on Flare.

The State Connector allows informationfrom other chains to be securely andtrustlessly used on Flare.

Acquire state

Quickly and securely obtain the state of another blockchain in a decentralized way.

Go cross-chain

The State Connector enables a wide range of interoperability solutions to be developed.


The State Connector has been designed to be able to integrate with any blockchain, without requiring a centralized third party or a code change on the underlying chain.

Fast & safe

No compromise is needed between speed and safety, unlike most existing approaches.