Google Cloud Partnership and API Portal

ORIGINALLY POSTED: 8th November 2022

Flare has partnered with Google Cloud. We are utilising their services to provide a publicly available chargeable API service for the entire blockchain ecosystem – called the API Portal. It is a gateway to Web3, providing access to blockchains without needing to run blockchain nodes.

The next step is to integrate all of Flare’s APIs and services into Google Cloud’s marketplace. This will mean that Google Cloud customers can use those APIs and services within Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with the cost managed entirely through their GCP account and bill.

Flare is particularly well situated for providing this service as we are planning to connect the top blockchains with Layer Cake insured bridges. APIs of every chain connected by Flare, plus all of Flare’s blockchains and peripheral services, will be integrated in the API Portal, and subsequently on Google Cloud Marketplace.

This will be done by providing access to all the nodes being run to support Flare’s native interoperability infrastructure. Currently this includes:

  • Flare main network, Songbird canary network, Coston and Coston2 test networks.
  • The explorer APIs which have fast-indexed chain data: Flare Explorer, Songbird Explorer, Coston Explorer and Coston2 Explorer.
  • The connected chains, currently: XRPL, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Algorand.

API access enables direct interaction with each blockchain, such as reading chain state and performing transactions. This can dramatically streamline the development and ongoing management of cross-chain dapps, DEXs, exchanges, wallets, and many more. Developers don’t need to run their own nodes or sign up to multiple infrastructure providers to interact with all the different chains and services, lowering the barrier to entry not only for the Flare ecosystem, but also for all chains connected by Flare.

We also provide free public APIs which are rate limited for all of the mentioned services and chains, which will further help to empower the entirety of the Flare and connected chain ecosystems.

Grants are available for products and services launching on Flare to help with development and integration, including credit for the API Portal. Plus sign up to the API Portal during November and December to receive a free month of your chosen plan.

API Portal:

Public APIs: