Head of Developer Relations

This role is remote and location agnostic. Full time or paid via grant.

This role is suitable for a developer relations expert with an unrelenting & uncompromising passion for truly decentralized and trustless infrastructure. As well as having the chutzpah to design & scale a developer adoption programme with strong support from a stellar engineering team.

Flare’s EVM compatibility means Ethereum’s tooling is readily available & solidity developers will have few problems picking up the code.

As Head of Developer Relations you will become Flare’s leading light amongst the most influential developer communities within Web3 and beyond. You will be backed to the hilt and responsible for leading all developer engagement, hackathons & bounty programmes.

Your impact:

  • First & foremost, you have a passion for relating to developers.
  • Build the developer relations programme and scale the team required.
  • Working with the Ecosystem Team, strategize the products & programme of content required to fuel rapid developer adoption.
  • Represent Flare Networks at developer conferences and events by leading the execution of Flare Network’s hackathons.
  • Oversee the participation in all the other major Web 3 hackathons & developer conferences by giving speeches, doing live demos of Flare Networks, and interacting with attendees.
  • Create inspiring product demos, tutorials, and other videos to use for events and marketing.
  • Create and publish technical content that will excite Web 2 & 3 audiences.
  • Manage and grow developer communication channels such as Github & Discord. Moderate discussions across forums in a timely manner.
  • Be an active and respected participant within Ethereum and other major layer 1 protocol’s ecosystems.
  • Clearly communicate complex topics to non-technical audiences, changing the relevant level of complexity for the relevant stakeholders.
  • Respond quickly to conceptual and technical troubleshooting questions (design applications, integration into existing services, deployment and more). Providing strategic end-user feedback to the protocol and product development teams.
  • Always personable and sufficiently empathetic to be able to extrapolate the relevant issues and provide robust easy to comprehend solutions.
  • Collaborate with marketing & partnerships to launch new features & products.
  • Always have a unique growth mindset.

How to be a stand-out candidate:

  • Passion for layer 1 protocols & EVM bridge growth areas within Web 3.0.
  • Strong presence already within major Web3 communities.
  • Solid public speaking experience.
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills and ability to effectively communicate, build rapport and relate to others.
  • Experience running hackathons or plenty of experience attending high caliber hacks.
  • Typically a min of 6+ years experience working as a developer or evangelist or dev-tools expert.
  • Strong engineering skills; experience in building web and/or mobile applications.
  • Strong technical writing skills; ability to clearly communicate complex ideas and concepts.
  • Social and hustling skills; a desire to get out and meet people.
  • Passion for inspiring and educating fellow developers.
  • Ability to work in a hyper-fast environment.
  • Willingness to travel and work irregular hours when required.
  • Community experience including organizing meetups.
  • Passion for building a developer community around the world and desire to invest your energy to make them better.
  • Experienced with Solidity, Typescript, and/or Golang.
  • We ask that you overlap some working hours with GMT. English is essential, other languages are a bonus. Full time or grants-based arrangement possible.

Please get in touch asap if you are interested in discussing this role:

Further information:

Flare Overview

State Connector

Building Safe, Reorganisation and Resistant Bridges @ Permissionless

Layer Cake White Paper

Community Call

Block Explorer Guide


Tech docs (only 5% complete so is WIP)

Discord – over 36k members (almost doubled in the last couple of weeks)

Twitter – 215,000 followers



Songbird Explorer – over 370k wallets

Flare Explorer – network is in observation mode until September (millions of unique wallets expected after the token distribution event)

Recent press:

Flare Network genesis

Flare Receives Algorand Foundation SupaGrant to develop Bitcoin bridge

The State Connector is live on Songbird

Why consider Flare Network?

Backed by the best-investors within Web3 and experiencing hyper-growth (45k+ native wallet installs and over 340 validators / data providers applied to be whitelisted within weeks of launching the canary network Songbird.

September 17th 2021, Flare Network launched the canary network Songbird, followed by genesis of Flare main network on July 14th 2022.

Flare has launched the first consensus protocol for external data, the State Connector. Decentralized applications on Flare can therefore trustlessly acquire and use information from other blockchains and real world data sources, solving the oracle problem and opening the door to a new era of utility:

Flare’s Fast, decentralized and fully-insured LayerCake bridges will connect smart contract chains multilaterally, unifying rather than fragmenting liquidity.

Non-smart contract assets such as BTC, XRP and DOGE can be brought on to Flare as FAssets, and put to work earning yield in DeFi.

Full cross-chain composability enables decentralized applications to use the value, liquidity and information of multiple blockchains via a single deployment on Flare.

Seamless decentralized integration with Web2 data powers trustless use of real world data sources in Web3 dapps.

Built for universal connectivity – Flare solves many of the interoperability issues facing blockchain today, enabling assets and information to flow freely and safely between blockchains and from Web2 to Web3.

Solving for price – Many supposed decentralized systems still rely on centralized price feeds from a single source. The Flare Time Series Oracle leverages the distributed structure of the network to provide reliable, decentralized price data to dapps on Flare.

True trustless interoperability – Both the State Connector and Flare Time Series Oracle have been designed with decentralization at their core, incentivizing independent third parties, separate to Flare, to support the network with the reliable provision of data.

Scalable multilateral bridges – Flare requires just 101 smart contracts to connect 100 different blockchains, instead of needing 4,950 individual bridges.

Bridges that unify, rather than fragment liquidity – No matter the origin chain, the destination token is the same, so ETH bridged to Solana will always give you Solana-ETH, whether it was bridged from Harmony, Near, or any other chain.

Fast, low fee and low carbon – Flare’s next generation technology brings fast, secure and efficient transactions with very low gas fees and a small carbon footprint.

Expert development team – Featuring experts from the worlds of electronic engineering, distributed systems, quantum computing, mathematics, computer science, quantitative finance, risk management and marketing.